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SafariScapes works hand-in-hand with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures to extend your fly fishing trips to include world-class African safari experiences. Whether fishing the flats in the Seychelles or fighting tigerfish in Tanzania there is no better way to top off a trip than with a visit to one of many beautiful safari lodges. At SafariScapes we work with you to plan a safari for family or friends that fits your interests and while we have suggested itineraries below we can also customize itineraries as needed. From hot air ballooning to private aviation there is no limit to your dream safari. Please note, all itineraries including those below are subject to availability and pricing fluctuations.

Southern Africa

Southern Africa is comprised of incredible destinations for both first time and experienced safari-goers. With huge variety in animal species, landscapes and activities it is easy to find something for the entire family. Explore the variable eco-systems that make up the Kruger National Park and surrounds or one of the the world’s largest inland deltas, the Okavango Delta, in Botswana. If you are ready to kick your feet up visit one of many beautiful beach destinations or go wine-tasting in Cape Town – there is no shortage of possibilities and we are here to make your planning easier.

East Africa

Known for it’s endless plains and the Great Migration there is always room for additional adventure in East Africa. Depending on time of year and your particular interests we can organize a traditional plains game safari experience or even gorilla trekking in the mountains of Rwanda or Uganda to spend time with some of our closest genetic relatives. With short flights from the Seychelles it is easily accessible to those who just rounded up a few permit or Giant Trevally.

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