Unwind on the white-sand beaches of untouched Mozambique, sip on exceptional wines in the Cape vineyards, traverse the peaceful waterways of Botswana’s Okavango Delta on a mokoro… the options truly are endless.

Perhaps it’s your first time travelling to Africa, or maybe you want to come back and spend time in one particular place. Whatever you decide, we can tailor your itinerary to be exactly as you want it. 

There’s something unique about every single African destination we visit, whether it’s a superior safari experience, an ancient culture, or unsurpassed natural beauty. With us putting together your itinerary and using our own private planes, you can travel to so many more places on this vast continent, and experience so much more on your trip than if you organised it yourself.

Start by browsing the countries and lodges we travel to below. We’d generally recommend a combination of these depending on geography, time you have available, and what you’d like to see.

Safari Scapes Botswana
With its intricate set of waterways forming a vast, fertile wildlife habitat you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.
Kenya is a country with dramatic contrasts and a endless array of national parks.
Safari Scapes Mozambique
A former Portuguese colony, Mozambique is bursting with charm and beauty a perfect example of pure rustic heaven.
Safari Scapes Namibia
In Namibia, you’ll come to appreciate the beauty of desolation.
Safari Scapes Destinations Rwanda
Our Rwanda trips focus on sightings of the rare mountain gorillas, of which only 700 remain on earth. Hunted to the point of extinction.
Safari Scapes Destinations Seychelles
If you’re looking for over-the-top extravagant beach life, the Seychelles is the place for you. With our emphasis firmly on luxury.
Safari Scapes Tanzania
Tanzania’s migration tops everyone’s list and for good reason – nothing will prepare you for the sheer scale of the world-renowned Serengeti.
Safari Scapes Zambia
The land of the legendary African walking safari, where you’ll encounter abundant wildlife that’s incredibly diverse.
Safari Scapes Zimbabwe
The energy of its rivers, its dramatic landscapes and its colonial splendour… Zimbabwe is a country of contrasts and a feast for the senses.
Safari Scapes South African Safari Phinda Forest Lodge
South African Safari
With the big 5 on your doorstep and a mere 1 hour flight from Johannesburg South Africa is one of the ultimate safari destinations.
Safari Scapes Cape Town and other South African cities
Endless ocean views. Long, summery days. Sipping crisp Chardonnay and feasting on seafood.