Endangered Animals

Elephants have been poached for many years despite numerous attempts to thwart these efforts. Pictured above, the tusks on either side of the elephants trunk are used for foraging food and water. These beautiful tusks are made of ivory. Ivory is a sought out material because in certain cultures it is seen as a delicacy and is believed to hold healing powers. The number of elephants over the last three generations have dropped by 50% due to these ideas. On the upside, tourism and donations have helped support local organizations that rescue elephants and support elephant orphanages tremendously.

There have been many efforts to help save the population of elephants made by select groups of people who believe educating the surrounding communities and people will help protect endangered species. An organization that we work closely with is called Elephant Havens. Elephant Havens rescues orphaned elephants who’s mothers are typically killed as a result of poaching. Their end goal is to help educate local communities and travelers so they can fully understand the detrimental impact poaching has on the population. If you would like to read more about Elephant Havens click here to read our blog post and how you can contribute!


Pictured above is Arthur. We met Arthur at Care for Wild 4 years ago when he was brought in after being found with serious injuries from trying to save his mother, who was killed by poachers. Care for Wild is a rhino sanctuary and their goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release rhinos who need their help to survive! Their efforts are a crucial part of protecting this endangered species. Click here to visit Care for Wild to see how you can help.

NIck Lamon

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