The Flood is Coming

The seasonal flood that fills out the Okavango Delta that is! This seasonal flooding of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana is a completely natural and necessary phenomenon that supports one of Botswana most unique ecosystems. Rainfall works it’s way down from the Angolan highlands each year and general starts to fill seasonal channels at this time. A plethora of animals congregate around this fresh water including great herds of wildebeest, buffalo, zebra, elephants and more. Additionally, the insects and birds come to life to celebrate the arrival of this water and you can spot over 400 species if you are a diligent (and lucky!) birder.

The peak of the floods will be around July to September when all, or most, of the water has reached the plains. As a traveler, this means visiting Botswana during this time provides ample game viewing opportunities as well as unique ways of viewing the animals. Boating safaris are available at many lodges scattered throughout the Delta and you can explore the permanent and seasonal channels from a very unique vantage point. Click HERE to watch a documentary on this unique ecosystem.

One of our favorite lodges in the Okavango Delta is Little Tubu. Sitting on stilts to stay above the seasonal floods, this small lodge boasts only three traditional-style tents with a main area shared by a beautiful canopy of riverine trees. This is the perfect stop for a small group or family with epic game viewing nearby to be enjoyed both in a game drive vehicle or on a boat.

Sightings to be enjoyed nearby include elephant, lion, Burchell’s zebra, red lechwe, southern giraffe, tsessebe and blue wildebeest. It’s not unusual to find some kudu and impala who feel more comfortable in the nearby forested areas as well as leopard and other predatory species.

NIck Lamon

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