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Elephant Havens was founded by Debra Stevens and her husband Scott Jackson. It all started when Debra was visiting Botswana in 2013 and she met a 6 month old orphaned elephant, Naledi. They had an immediate life long connection. Naledi’s mother died when she was 6 weeks old, she had no adult elephant to care for her like her mother would. Orphaned elephants can die from grief, they need a mother figure. Thus, Elephant Havens was born.

The mission of Elephant Havens is to save orphaned elephants and give them love and support until they are ready to return to the herd. By helping educate local communities and hosting people from all over the world they are able to spread awareness about wildlife conservation in Africa. Hiring locally helps educate the community on how to aid these orphaned elephants as well. 

As a Dallas based operation they have the incredible opportunity to bring people to Botswana from the Dallas Zoo. This allows the zoo employees to come and support the staff with vet training and provide medications that may not be available in Botswana.

There is the opportunity to donate once or monthly to Elephant Havens. This helps them care for more orphans and reach out to more people about the cause, and as a perk of donation you are able to stay overnight at the camp and help the staff care for the elephants from morning to night. 

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